Myvatn Lake

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Lake Myvatn in Northern Iceland is said to never completely freeze although it is located only 100km from the Arctic Circle. This is due to lava fields, active volcanoes and geothermal springs where you can bath but also bake volcanic bread. This lake has a specific look and looks more like a backwaters than a lake thanks to the pseudo craters and rocky-lava formations. You will surely get speechless with this view.

The view seems like from a fairytale that you can only dream off. Apparently here you can see it in real. The landscape around the lake plagues predatory contrast between severity of another distant planet and a labyrinth of mysterious lava formations.

The rocks surrounding the lake are covered with greasy growing moss from cracks, ravines of shadows and caves with black interiors.

Lake Myvatn is located right next to the ridge of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The surrounding area of the lake was formed by strong volcanic activity. There is no other place in the country where you can see crustal accumulation, volcanic lava, solidified rock formations and steaming earth with hot springs. Totally unique view, that is for sure.

The lake was created around 2000 years ago and is the fourth largest lake in Iceland. There are about 40 large and small islands and on its outskirts there is an active volcanic area. The maximum depth of Myvatn lake is five meters which favors the lush development of plankton and seaweed. You will be able to observe here many different birds and ducks’ species. You can see their nests among the bush. Nowhere else in Iceland will you be able to see such a variety of ducks ☺.

One of the biggest attraction of Myvatn Lake is the biggest lava labyrinth called Dimmuborgir which can be translated to Dark Castles. The name says everything and describes the places perfectly. You will understand as soon as you enter to the valley. 
So what is the origin of this unique place? Before the Myvatn Lake was created, lava flowed from the Lúdentarborgir crater chain creating enormous lava lake wide for 1,5km. The steam was getting under the surface and getting above the surface and then freezing. This process was responsible for forming those ghostly looking towers and chimneys. You need to know that this is the only place on Earth where you can actually see this kind of formations on land.

In Dimmuborgir you can basically spend the whole day. If the weather is in favor, you can have a nice long walk of even 1 hour or more among the castles. I must say that the most impressive view you will get during the Autumn when the leaves of the trees get colored and only add more charm to the place.

The next stop I would recommend you close to Myvatn Lake are the water baths Jarðböðin við Mývatn. This place is called Blue Lagoon of the North Iceland. If you are already there, you definitely need to take a dip – satisfaction guaranteed ☺.
The water in the pool contains a high sulfur content and its temperature is between 36-40 degrees Celsius. Please remember to take of all your jewelry before getting into the water to avoid damaging it. I’m saying that from the autopsy!
This resort is very popular and attracts thousands of tourists.

Lake Myvatn in an inconceivable way still remains a green paradise and it’s actually all volcanos themselves. This is a place you must see while visiting Iceland. You won’t find any other place like that in Iceland so it’s worth spending there a day or two.