Useful Information

Fortunately, Iceland has many agreements and treaties with foreign nations and blocs. As long as you have a valid state issued driver’s license from the following entities you should be fine:

  • Any Nordic or EEA nation (including Faroe Islands)
  • Any nation that issues licenses in Latin characters or an international permit translated to English, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.

Concerning your vehicle, you’ll need to procure studded tires through us. This will give you the peace of mind to travel through some snow packed roads with ease. Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise however from October to May it is required to winterize your vehicle and its tires. Within the booking process you can choose the winterization package provided.

We strongly recommend you adhere to the local and national speed limits and posted signs especially when traveling through remote areas. Although Iceland’s roads are newer and well maintained, storms can pick up and move snow and frozen rain quickly through the landscape-- hampering your travels. Park only in designated and well lit areas. It’s best to orient yourself with the surroundings before departing your vehicle so you’ll know exactly where you’ve left it.

In the unfortunate event that you do accrue any speeding or parking tickets, you’ll have to pay them directly or your credit card on file will be charge along with a service fee for processing.

Here are some of the things you’ll have to watch out for during your trip:

  • Black ice and icy road conditions. Even if it looks like it’s just wet surface, treat it with care.
  • Animals on the move! Iceland is wild in certain areas. Be on the lookout for deer, possums and or small mammals crossing your path as you drive.
  • High winds. As you open your door while exiting your vehicle make sure to keep your hand on the handle until it’s fully opened. Strong winds may cause havoc on your door.
  • Loss of traction. Not only must you be careful on the Ring Road but while on the secondary roadways and gravel roads please drive carefully to make sure traction is always maintained.
  • Extreme winter conditions. Make sure you plan ahead by bringing proper outwear during the winter because in Iceland during the height of the cold months, temperatures can plummet to 0 degrees celsius.

Our vehicles are diligently looked after by service technicians. In the rare chance that your car is having problems, please contact our emergency roadside assistance center. They’re open 24/7-- year round. They can walk you through some troubleshooting ideas to get your car back on the road and if that doesn’t work, they will send a replacement car to you. Contact the center by calling +354 773 7070.

If you find yourself involved in an accident, please contact the emergency services immediately.

You’ll need to rent a 4x4 vehicle and if you’re planning on going during wintertime it must be winterized. The highlands have some of the best views and nature walks connected to it but they can be a tough drive. Signs to roads marked with an “F” are strictly designated as part of the F-road system of the highlands. Special care should be taken before driving on them.