Golden Circle in Iceland

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When you are exploring Iceland, there are moments that you think that there is nothing else that could surprise you, that you will not see anything else more exacting that you already have. You couldn’t be more wrong and Iceland constantly will be proving you that. 

The simplest tour which is the best example here and the most popular route is the famous Golden Circle. It provides endless delight and a wealth of attractions. As Golden Circle is very close to Reykjavik, it became the first point of the ‘to see’ list. It is very often the first point on the map that all the tourist chooses to see as first. This trip allows you to see the best that the island can offer even in one day.

Þingvellir National Park

This is where you can see the point of the osculation of tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America. This is one of the few places on land where you can actually see the place of contact of the plates. You can take a walk dawn to the Oxararfoss waterfall, passing by the place where the parliament was held from 930 to the end of the 18th century. Pingvellir National Park is listed as a World Heritage Site because of its historical value.  The plates move away from each other at a staggering rate of 1 to 18 mm per year. So do not forget to measure it to see the difference when you are back next time! 


The breathtaking Gullfoss actually consists of two cascades. The first one is 11m high and the second is 20 m high. This double waterfall is a great attraction and makes a great impression, especially around the surrounding greenery. Ice water flows here into ravine of two and a half kilometers and a depth of 70 meters. The best spot to enjoy the view is the viewing terrace where you can listen to the deafening thunder of the waterfall. Simply amazing view! 


Following the path, you will reach the Great Geysir and Srokkur. Meanwhile you will pass through the hot springs and smaller geysers accompanied by quite a specific smell. Stokkur is an active geyser and it only takes few minutes to see the explosion. The famous Great Geysir is not so willing to cooperate so you will not be able to see the explosion here. The area is stunning in general. There are small ponds in which water constantly boils and bubbles. 


Next stop will not knock you to your knees but is really interesting. This is a greenhouse that uses the geothermal water.  With such a climate in Iceland, growing vegetables either in the backyard garden or on a large farm would not be possible without the use of a greenhouse system. You can not only observe how the tomato production looks like but also taste is as there is a restaurant inside the greenhouse. I personally would recommend you to taste the tomato soup as it’s delicious! 

Golden Circle is definitely a good announcement for the further trip around Iceland. After visiting and enjoying what Golden Circle has to offer, your expectations increase. Iceland will not only meet those expectations but will overwhelm them!