About Us

Specializing in hometown treatment for our international customers.

Since our inception over 9 years ago, we have been extremely fortunate to get to know a wide variety of visitors from all continents. The majority have commented and complimented us on our stellar response time through our customer service representatives, attention to detail and enthusiasm for Iceland. We are big believers that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Learning what our customers needs are before they do is a great example of how to service travelers best.

We empathize and put ourselves in their shoes--imagining the questions they may have before reserving a vehicle in Iceland. It’s not just about a simple car rental, but rather, all other details related to their trip. We are unique because we offer a personalized support staff experience. If you have any questions about the best type of vehicle to rent for the season you’ll be traveling in, we can answer that for you. Feel secure in knowing that we truly treat all customers as if they were long lost friends.

So why us at Keflavik Cars?

Our belief system is the core pillar that sustains our company. We believe in going the extra mile and providing each customer with the necessary information and insider tips that is rare in online bookings. We meticulously review all feedback from our customers in order to make the booking process even more streamlined and user friendly. One of our many positive responses are how we cater to each customer with knowledge of Iceland, dedication to vehicle maintenance and passion for sharing our love of discovery while traveling.

Where we come from. How we’re doing. Where we’re heading.

At Keflavik Cars we relish in the fact that each customer will have a splendid adventure while in Iceland in a safe and reliable vehicle. Our story began while traveling. The founders of the company always felt more could be done to offer them more information about the local lay of the land. The founders decided they wanted to offer a local touch to traveling international clients. Hiring local experts, not just call center workers is one of the special advantages of booking through us. Sometimes when you travel it takes a long time to find those special restaurants in-town or hidden natural beauties in the wild. Since everyone we work with on the ground has travelled to most, if not all of Iceland’s sites they can give you precise tips on how to best take advantage of your time traveling. We know our future brings repeat customers that recommend us to their friends and families. We believe traveling shouldn’t be arduous but instead a wonderfully inspiring moment to in life to treasure.

Good feedback from previous customers.

We are lucky to have such a loyal customer base that has repeatedly used our service. Some of the fantastic and unique services that they love include our acclaimed 24/7 customer service department full of on-the-ground locals to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have along with our hands-on-approach of working with customers in better customizing drop off and pick up services.

  • A large fleet of new vehicles to choose from in both manual and automatic transmission.
  • Our renowned center for 24 hour assistance.
  • Personalized help in planning trip, figuring out what is the best vehicle for terrain and use along with customizing pick up and drop-off times and locations.

+10,000 Ecstatic Customers

We’ve been pretty lucky to have a constant flow of truly loyal and repeat customers through the years. Most travelers have used our rental service for both leisure and business trips. Where else can you chat with local experts about the seasonal festivals and sites to visit?

+24 Support Center

We cater to traveling business people, adventure travelers or tourists that want to go out of their comfort zone. Our specialists are trained to handle not only specific questions related to your car rental but also general questions about Iceland and its wonderful sites.

+120 Top Quality Cars

We are constantly updating our fleet with new cars that bode well in Icelandic terrain. Whether it be a 4WD automatic SUV or a compact car with winterized tires to drive on the gravel roads--we got you covered. Explore untouched nature at its best, like the Gullfoss waterfall; its river and canyon or the spectacularly beautiful Southern Island glaciers. All are easily reachable when you rent a piece of freedom through us!

International Support Specialists

Our hiring process is not only meticulous but international. Most of our customer service representatives are bilingual in English and their native tongue. If you feel more comfortable in speaking in a language other than English, please ask one of our support staff to transfer you to another member that may speak your native language.