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Since we too are travelers, we constantly upload our stories, photos and videos of our Icelandic trips to our blog. You can get ideas of where to visit and how to travel through Iceland with this resource.

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The famous “Golden Circle”

The Golden Circle is a hugely popular tourist route. You can visit the stunning Pingvellir National Park, Kerio Volcanic Crater, and many different geysers. Sites are well marked and fairly close to each other. Setting aside a couple of days to visit this area is highly recommended for all first time visitors to Iceland.

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Icelandic Ring Road

Many modern cities have beltways around their capital cities. However, the Ring Road is a bit different since it circles most of the island and connects with smaller interior roadways. It’s a perfect way to get around Iceland and maximize your trip.

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Beautiful Myvatn Lake

Near the town of Skútustaðir in the north part of Iceland, exists a gorgeous lake with a volcanic island. A must see if you’re traveling through those parts.

Keflavik Airport Car Rental | Car Rental in Reykjavik | Keflavik Cars

Tips for your Road Trip

Watching out for migrating wildlife, fast changing weather conditions especially during wintertime and road conditions are just some of the things you need to be aware of during your road trip adventure. Travel with care and you’ll have the time of your life.


Think of us as a magic ball. What questions do you wish answered? Through the years, we have assisted our customers in finding the best nature hikes, geysers to visit and other lush natural sites that we ourselves have visited. From summer to winter, there are different types of sites and events to attend. Just ask...and your question is our command!

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We are the best car rental option in Iceland because this is our hometown. We treat every traveler to an honest small town feel with worldly experience. Expert advice with knowledge of the area at fair prices. There’s nothing better than the feeling of home.

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+30 Top End Cars

Whatever type of trip you have planned: whether it be for adventure travel or on business-- we have a car that fits your needs. With a magnificent array of first class vehicles to choose from, the only problem you’ll have is what choice to make.

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+10000 Happy and Repeat Customers

The sign of a successful business model relies on repeat customers. We’re proud to have worked with returning customers time and time again. The secret to our success is in our superb customer service and quality of our vehicle fleet. Most cars are new or kept in new condition.

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Keflavik Airport Car Rental | Car Rental in Reykjavik | Keflavik Cars

24 Hour Customer Support Center

Our renowned experts at our 24 hour customer service center are here to help you in choosing the best car for your trip and to assist you throughout it. Any questions you may have or customized requests, are always welcome.

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Iceland ok, but why and how?

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Renting Cars in Iceland

Rental pick up service available at both our Keflavik Airport and downtown Reykjavik. There are a plethora of choices of where to travel nowadays. Thailand, Spain, Canada, etc. However, what makes Iceland unique and different to most other travel hotspots also make it endearing. With a lower population and plentiful space to roam around you’ll feel free and more connected to nature and its wonders. Brisk hikes in cooler climates and untouched vegetation are a great attraction to leaving the hustle and bustle behind. Iceland has a multitude of roaring waterfalls, enchanting geysers, and famous Fjords. All of which are not in most other tourist destinations worldwide.

Aftering arriving to Iceland, gathering your checked luggage and strolling to the car pick up area, you’ll be greeted with a local friendly face. In no time at all you’ll be given the keys to begin your next adventure. You’ll now have the freedom to travel to the most remote of places to see nature evolving at its own natural pace without the manipulation of people. Spectacular access to Fjords, national parks, volcanos and black sand beaches.

Car Rental in Reykjavik | Keflavik Cars |  Keflavik Airport Car Rental

Make sure to bring a valid driver’s license with you along with the credit card you used to make the reservation. The specialist at the pick up counter will ask for these upon your arrival. Remember that you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car with us and have held a valid license for 1 year prior to the booking.

As most of the cars in our fleet are manual transmission, please plan ahead to reserve an automatic transmission vehicle. We do have several but are limited especially during the high peak summer season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our attentive customer service representatives. They’re always happy to help.

Traveling by Car in Iceland

What a pleasure it is to drive through Iceland. No traffic. Great scenery. And most of all, the intense sensation that you have abandoned your mundane day-to-day life for positive and life changing exploits. Even if you decide to stay in Reykjavik some days to get to know the culture, food and lifestyle--you won’t have any problem getting around in a car. It’s the main city but it feels like a small and well run town.

Driving around Iceland is very simple. There is a beltway circling most of the coast called the ring road. The roads are smooth and a delight to drive on since there are very few cars you can enjoy your road trip in peace. In Iceland traffic heads on the right side so be aware of this just in case you are arriving from a country that drives on the left.

Off the Ring Road you will see signs indicating there are smaller interior roadways leading to stunning landmarks and natural wonders. Some are small gravel roads. Feel free to carefully get lost within these roads. Most of these off-roads take you to spectacular sites such as the Fjords or waterfall areas. Just make sure to turn on your GPS and watch for marked signs as there are wildlife crossings on these inland roads. The speed limit in Iceland within Reykjavik and towns is 50 km/h. You can go 80 km/h on local roads and up to 90 km/h on the smooth Ring Road.

Many of the famous and renowned Icelandic attractions can only be reached by traveling on gravel roads. If you decide that you’d like to go a little more off the Ring Road during your trip, it’s advised that you hire a 4x4 vehicle or SUV. Remember, off road driving in unmarked areas is illegal and can damage local land and flora. Stick to well marked paths and roadways, since they also lead to the best sites and destinations. You may want to purchase additional liability insurance for your rental if you decide to travel on these gravel roads as pieces of flying rocks may damage the vehicle. Paying a little more will give you peace of mind in the end.